Monday, November 13, 2017

cambodia, siem reap bound (6 weeks rest update)

 it would not be an exaggeration to say that
"i live in a cafe"--
literally, pick your cafe, different ones each time
and you won't be disappointed.

the first three pictures are from a cafe called // Brother Bong's Cafe

--papa's got club sandwich (ginormous btw)
--chocolate smoothie bowl for me

and this cafe latte is from another cafe named //

the drinks and interiors are a science lab

well, as a tourist spot there is // Angkor Wat 
--which takes about a week to go through all seven different temples and locations
(we scanned through 3)

>> grand view

the government is working to restore and preserve these spots yet it isn't easy
the roots tend to grow through and on these buildings 
it's very difficult...

inside the temples

at dusk, after 4 hours walk


super random i know
but worth the bruise on my knees 

pub street and market

home, sweet home
favorite time of the day

that's all :)
do what makes you, you
what makes you feel alive;
keep pursuing!
much love from siem reap, Chan xx