Saturday, December 2, 2017

ART ACC-- @chanheyday

hi :)

i've recently started an art account on instagram
and have been doing >> 1 art per day

a lot of my art focuses on 
twisting the original works or famous pieces into 
something peculiar and odd 
by combining elements or using unexpected colors.

// thank you, feet // 

i am welcoming all kinds of comments, critiques, suggestions, dm's

so please feel free to follow my art

// rudolph, the rainbow nosed human //

// drunk in joy //

// santa x gucci collab //

you get to watch time-lapse videos showing the process of how things are done

or photos of my sketches 
then art pieces coated with colors


// sorry, miss frida doesn't care //

you will also see me fail or incomplete several 
pieces because that's also part of the process.  

// lobby boy into a birthday boy //

// baby, all we have is now //

if you are interested to see more pieces, 

thank you xx

much love,
enjoy December
xxx chan